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Cgi Animation

The use of computers to create high quality images (CGI) and animation for construction projects is nothing new. At Virtual Resolution, we take it to the next level.

Our expert in-house team creates computer generated imagery for applications such as printed media, video games, architectural visualisation, films, television, animations, commercials, videos and simulations.  Although CGI can refer to 2D mediums, such as graphic design and motion graphics, most people associate it with 3D content, generated for use in still and animated media along with special effects.

CGI can help to bring colour to your project, taking it from the technical black-and-white line drawings of the architect’s plan to something which feels much more real. It’s the first opportunity to show the concept of a building: how it will look to people walking past, working or living inside.

When you’re in the early stages of a project, it can be hard to communicate your plans to prospective supporters or tenants. Our team can create stunning visuals for you to present to partners, enabling them to get a clear idea of how your finished project will look not just overall, but in detail.

From greenery outside the entrance to soft furnishings, wall colours and floorings inside, CGI is the perfect way to enable others to visualise your finished product.

CGIs are used in the architectural and design industries at every stage of the development process, from early concept through to planning and marketing. They help architects, designers, planners and developers to visualise and communicate proposed designs.

We use a mix of 2D drawings, sketches and other traditional mediums to create 3D images that can be used in still or dynamic media.

CGI and 3D content complement traditional mediums, such as 2D drawings and sketches. They can help deliver a more comprehensive overview of proposed projects and visually bring the project to life.

We have created CGI images of restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping centres, retail parks, business parks, homes and more. From sun studies, verified views, photomontages, construction animations, virtual tours, down to traditional marketing visuals and animation, Virtual Resolution offers an extensive set of professional services and 3D architectural visualisation to help at every stage of the design process.