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We are a collection of multi-talented individuals created to assist designers working in a number of sectors generating architectural images of the highest quality.

Our expertise in rendering and animation for the Construction and the Built Environment enables the team at VR to create detailed and accurate imagery making the final result more believable, realistic and ultimately more saleable.

our APPROACH is to differ from other graphic artists in that our team is architecturally and graphically trained. We believe that this mix of architectural, technical, interior and graphics gives VR a unique understanding of the building form.  Our images have been successfully used for design competitions, marketing campaigns and TV appearances, along with the more traditional uses within Planning and Public engagement meetings.

our VISION is to create the perfect image that best communicates the objectives of any given proposal. We are continuously growing and developing our own in-house techniques, paying particular attention to increasing efficiencies and new technologies.

our TEAM is built from pulling together a group of 10 like minded 3D artists bringing skills and passions that compliment each other to produce a good balance of business sense and technical ability with client service always at the forefront of our practice. The teams backgrounds range from architectural technicians, product and graphic designers, interior designers and games artists.

our CLIENTS range from large development firms and investors, architects and builders, through to local authorities and householders.

"VR are exactly the type of company we wish to partner with, great service and outstanding results."

"Virtual Resolution have provided an excellent service for us time and time again."

"From initial engagement, I was immediately impressed, not only with VR's professional approach but also the creativity."

"VR have the unique ability to understand its clients needs and wants and as such always delivers above and beyond expectations."

"VR understands the needs of our business, the timescales and can digest very complex briefs."

Our clients include;