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Virtual Resolution is an award winning CGI and Animation studio working both nationally and internationally.

Our in-house team of creative artists is one of the UK’s leading studios and includes some of the best talent in the industry, enabling us to give our clients the edge when it comes to photorealistic 3D visualisation, walkthrough animation, virtual reality tours, rendering and CGI imagery.

By investing in great people and the latest technology we can stay one step ahead in an industry that is constantly evolving.

We have built a  strong reputation within construction,  the hotel sector and the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry working with clients such as property developers, interior designers, retailers and film studios.

Our expertise in 3D, graphic and architectural visualisation makes us a leader in this field and we assist designers working on projects of all kinds, delivering virtual imagery that is detailed, accurate and realistic.

We use our expertise in rendering and animation to create visualisation and virtual tours for the construction and built environment industries. Through our work, clients are able to showcase a believable and, ultimately, more saleable representation of their project.


We differ from other graphic artists because our team is architecturally and graphically trained. We believe that this mix of architectural, technical, interior and graphics skills gives us a unique understanding of the building form. 

Our images have been successfully used for design competitions, marketing campaigns and TV appearances, along with the more traditional uses within planning and public engagement.


We create the perfect image that best communicates the objectives of any given proposal. We are continuously growing and developing our own in-house techniques, paying particular attention to increasing efficiency and introducing new technology.

If you need visuals to sell your project to potential partners, encourage prospective tenants, or engage with the wider community, we will deliver the right solution for you.


Virtual Resolution is a team of like-minded 3D artists bringing skills and passions that complement each other to produce a good balance of business sense and technical ability with client service always at the forefront of our practice.

We have one of the largest in-house teams of 3D, graphic and architectural visualisation specialists in the UK. The team members’ backgrounds range from architectural technicians, product and graphic designers to interior designers and games artists. That combination of skills is what makes Virtual Resolution the leading company for 3D visualisation and animation.


Over the years, we have worked with everyone from large development firms and investors, architects and builders, through to local authorities and householders.

Our client list includes big names such as McCarthy & Stone, Asda Walmart and Balfour Beatty, high profile hotel groups around the world, and numerous local authorities and education providers. We are proud to be the chosen 3D visualisation specialists for projects across the UK and beyond.

Our clients include: