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Visualisation / CGI

We use CGI to inject colour and life into 2D black and white. We have crafted CGI images of a range of interiors and exteriors, from restaurants and hotels to schools and shopping centres, homes and offices, retail parks and student flats.

Our design schemes are used at all stages of the development process, including concept, planning, design, construction and marketing.

We craft imagery that perfectly communicates your vision to the people that really matter. From shadow and light, colours and materials, look and feel, every detail is so finely recreated that it will be hard to believe what’s real and what’s not.

Photomontage & Verified Views

Blending concept with reality, a photomontage overlays computer-generated content on to photographs of real-life locations to show how a proposed structure sits within its environment.

An accurate visual representation or visually verified image (AVR / VVI) goes one step further. With the image supported by a methodology document which includes on-site survey data to prove its verifiable visual accuracy. This means it can be scrutinised in detail by planning authorities and is particularly useful for large-scale developments or sensitive schemes.

Photomontages and verified views are a key factor in the planning process because they demonstrate the visual impact of a proposed building. They are typically used in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs), as well as in marketing materials.


Virtual tours offer users complete control over the whole viewing process. A series of slightly overlapping images are stitched together to create an immersive and engaging experience.

360-degree virtual tours are ideal for bringing a property or project to life. They offer huge potential for the dynamic and engaging marketing of properties, hospitality venues, visitor attractions and other sites.

Short Film / Animation

The perfect way to showcase your development. Capturing movement through animated vehicles and people along with cinematic camera movements brings a scheme to life.

For more examples visit our Vimeo Page




Immersive visualisation technology offers endless marketing and design possibilities to engage and excite your audience. We use our creativity and technical know-how to create dynamic immersive content and really push the boundaries of what’s possible in this rapidly-changing area of visualisation.

You can virtually step inside your proposed development and experience it in a unique way.  We have a demonstration area within our studio where clients can experience for themselves the amazing capabilities of AR and VR technology.

Furniture & set modelling

The latest trend for marketing and sales is to create your product in 3D, either at concept stage or for sales and marketing. The options are endless.

Place your product in any environment you can imagine, reduce the costs of building physical sets or commissioning photography. Want to change the colour, the lighting, the positioning? No problem.

Once created the 3D model becomes an asset so it can have its materials changed, be built into a sales app, or be made to spin on a 360 turntable on your website.

The ultimate sales tool.

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