Our clients work with us for lots of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they like the fact that we’re based in the North, where the air’s clean, the landscape’s pretty and the beer’s cheap. Often it’s because they love what we do, how we do it and the team we put around them to make projects come to life.

Then there’s our state-of-the-art technology; our spacious production studio and our passion to create the perfect package of images every time.

We work with a wide range of companies both nationally and internationally to create short films, verified views, augmented reality applications, 360-degree virtual tours, UE4 environments and much more. Our work is constantly changing as technology evolves and we are committed to being at the forefront of animation and visualisation.

we have our very own studio which is an ideal space for photography, film and special projects

With 3m high ceilings and a 2,000 sq ft footprint, the studio is located next to our production offices and is used by our inhouse team. It’s kitted out with a 6m x 5m infinity cove, backdrops, make up area, kitchen facilities and much more.

In addition to the studio, we also have green screen facilities on site and an HTC Vive demonstration area for clients where they can experience for themselves the possibilities offered by augmented reality and virtual reality technology for marketing and design.

OUR Expertise

We’ve built a specialist team of 3D artists and animators who help us maintain our reputation not just for the high quality of our work, but also for our industry knowledge, expertise and experience. Indeed, our staff now possess between them 85 years of experience in 3D.

In our sector, technology is constantly advancing, and we’ve made sure not to rest on our laurels regarding what we know and how we do things. Our staff are continually encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge and we now have a team of brilliant people who have degrees and training in:

3D design, Transport design, Interior design, Technical illustration, Product design, Photography, Architecture / Architectural computer-aided technology, Unreal Engine, MArtgames design.

Our team includes certified users of Autodesk 3Ds Max, Chaos Group Vray, and Unreal Engine.


  • Continue to deliver vision and creativity in all our work.
  • See the best in each project regardless of the budget or circumstance.
  • Keep an open mind, approach each project free and without constraints.
  • Don’t restrict ourselves to one medium, software or hardware. Use whatever is best for the project.
  • Bring our clients’ vision to life, with attention to detail that ensures we deliver creative and challenging solutions.
  • Produce work that is valuable and effective to the client, and is a sympathetic blend between the client and us.
  • Allow research and development time to each person.
  • Surpass expectations.


Our clients over the years have come from a wide range of sectors, including residential, hospitality, commercial, leisure, MOD, industrial, retail and transport. Outside of construction and property, we have worked on 3D models for phone and new technology concepts. More recently, we’ve been bringing our skills into products, CGIs and configurators for the KBB (kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms) sector.

It’s testament to our expertise, creativity and client-focused approach that some of our clients from the early days of Virtual Resolution are still working with us today.

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What our Clients say

Our senior team

Tim Power
Managing Director

Tim is most often found with a very large coffee close by. He is our chief strategist and problem solver and he is most happy when planning and overseeing VR operations. He’s a talented commercial 3D artist whose responsibilities include business development, client management, team management, project visualisation and design.

Over the last 20 years, Tim has been involved in major UK construction projects including the Whiteley Village mixed-use development of 50 shops totalling 242,000ft sq and 58,000ft sq of restaurants, MEPC’s Wellington Place scheme in Leeds and Principal Hotels £50m refurbishment programme. Tim is also one of our CAA PfCO qualified drone pilots. If not working or on his phone, you will find him in the great outdoors.

John Hales
Technical Director

John possesses a high level of expertise in 3D visualisation, animation and graphics and keeps an eye on our process implementation and quality control. With a specialism in external visuals and immersive media, John is also responsible for producing verified views. He has produced highly technical construction animations for international projects including Digicel in Haiti, Heritage City Masterplan in India and Ad Dammam Offices in Saudi Arabia.

Closer to home, John has been responsible for delivering an informative animation video explaining a visionary proposal to create an underground warehouse space in London. He has also created a series of visuals, animations and immersive media for Wellington Place in Leeds.

Customer Relations Manager

Ray is our office mascot and has been here almost from day one. His name is the first that most clients ask for and he is the last one to let you leave the office. Bring him a treat and he is a friend for life; bring the post and he may just sound like the biggest Rottweiler ever.

3D Artist

Eric admires all aspects of architectural visualisation and treats every project as a piece of art. It really matters to him that his work is creative, so he’s always looking for new ideas and learning new software. He is also a master at making the most of his time and will always find efficient ways of achieving the desired results.

Originally from Lithuania, Eric has embraced many aspects of living in Yorkshire but still can’t manage a proper brew, although we’ll forgive his addiction to green tea if it makes him slightly less grumpy.

3D Artist

Graduating with a BSc in Visualisation back in 2005, Mark has since gone on to gain a wealth of experience working within different visualisation sectors. He has created mission planning software for fast jets, crafted real-time synthetic environments and modelled highly accurate race tracks for F1 simulators, right up to producing the ultra-realistic visuals you see here.

Mark is highly proficient in 3D modelling, rendering and post-production, using mainly 3DS Max, V-Ray and Photoshop. During his time with us here at VR, he has been involved in a variety of projects, including several large-scale student accommodation schemes and office re-designs, creating still visuals, 360 tours and animations.

When not sat at a computer, Mark can be found mountain biking, hiking, camping and spending time with his kids.

3D Artist

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and a Master’s Degree at the MMU in Manchester, Monica’s journey into the world of design was marked by a strong passion for creating captivating visualisations, continuously cultivating her skills with private courses and personal projects.

Her expertise is focused in creating immersive virtual tours and interior visualisations mainly for residential development projects to help showcasing properties before they’re built.

Beyond work, her free time is devoted to self-improvement, from reading to hitting the gym, to exploring other countries and looking for new experiences, she is constantly seeking ways to evolve and grow.

Jnr 3D Artist

Fresh from Nottingham Trent University with a BA(Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design, Eleanora is embarking on her career in the visual design world with us. Her passion for 3D visualisation, ignited through course projects, fuels her excitement to develop and apply her software skills under the guidance of the team here at VR.

Outside of work Eleanora frequents the gym and continues to express her creativity through various arts and crafts. She enjoys immersing herself in Manchester’s vibrant cultural scene, attending music events and contemporary art exhibitions with friends. On sunny days, you may find her exploring Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Although originally from the south, we wonder if she has fully embraced the northern rain just yet!

3D Artist

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