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McCarthy & Stone


Award-winning property developer McCarthy & Stone is the UK’s leading retirement housebuilder. Its high-quality properties are designed to make living easier for people at all stages of retirement, with the company also providing complementary services such as a ‘try before you buy’ offer and assistance with moving home.

Virtual Resolution has been working with McCarthy & Stone for several years, producing CGIs, verified views and marketing films for schemes and campaigns across the UK. Our creative and innovative imagery has helped the company engage potential partners, enhance the planning and public engagement processes, and attract new tenants.

Our talented creative artists, who work in-house as one of the largest teams in the UK, are both architecturally and graphically trained. This means they are able to develop detailed, accurate and realistic 3D visualisation, walkthrough animation, virtual tours, rendering and CGI imagery. We work regularly with property developers, architects, interior designers, local authorities, retailers and film studios on a variety of projects mainly in the construction, hospitality and interiors industries.

CGI imagery and 3D visualisation uses detailed drawings and plans to bring a project to life before it is built. It is increasingly playing a key role in the construction industry because it portrays drawings and ideas as they would look when completed in reality. Viewers are able to not only gain an overview of a development, but also to look in detail at areas that are of particular personal interest. They can see how a construction relates to and interacts with both its environment and any neighbouring structures. More cost-effective than a physical model, the process also allows design weaknesses to be identified, modifications made and functions such as energy efficiency enhanced. The use of CGIs also facilitates a more collaborative approach as it allows imagery to be shared across different platforms.