Keeping pace with new technologies

Friday 25th May, 2018

At Virtual Resolution, we are continually looking at new technologies to increase our knowledge and maintain our position as one of the UK’s leading specialists in animation, 3D visualisation and virtual reality.

Our highly experienced creative team are key to our success, and that’s why we ensure that our members of staff are given a wide variety of opportunities to attend expert-level training courses throughout the year.

These courses and workshops help us not only expand on our expertise in areas we already work in but also learn new skills and gain experience in complementary and emerging technologies and disciplines.

2018 will see our team travel the world to widen their knowledge in areas such as architectural photography, real time rendering and visualisation, computer graphics, and visual effects.

Our participation in workshops which teach us new skills, strengthen our expertise and keep us on track with new technologies enable us to continue to apply the highest standard of innovation, detail and creativity to all our work.

And, above all, it means we can continue to offer our clients an outstanding service that they can rely on to meet their requirements and even surpass their expectations. It also enables us to offer an even wider range of services to our clients, helping them to identify and select the option that would best suit their requirements and objectives.

Our current services include:

As the commercial opportunities offered by animation, 3D visualisation and virtual reality become increasingly recognised by organisations, we can support and enhance their marketing and design ambitions by combining the very latest technology with our superb creative skills and wide-ranging experience.

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