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Over the last few years, Virtual Resolution has been increasingly called upon by the hotel industry to create visualisation and animation for hotel chains.

From UK-based quality hotels to one-off, state-of-the-art projects around the world, we have worked on projects of all sizes and styles.

Our initial 3D visualisation helps owners and developers to outline their project to local authorities to gain planning permission. It can also be used for seeking investment and partnerships with other businesses, as well as engaging with communities through the planning process.

Our work has also delivered stunning visualisation for public areas of hotels, including dining rooms, swimming pools and gardens. We use these to showcase the overall quality and feel of a project to a level that architectural drawings simply can’t achieve on their own.

Through animation, we can provide a walk-through of the hotel, which is particularly useful for high-end developments. It can really assist marketing teams in bringing the interior design to life and creating a realistic guest experience that takes in the opulent marble floors and rich woods of a lobby to the soft fabrics, deep carpets and luxurious en suite bathrooms in the suites.

For hotel developers, 3D visualisation and animation are fundamental to future success. It enables them to give potential guests a true idea of the experience they will be booking before photographs of the finished development are available. This ensures they can take bookings months or even years in advance, filling the rooms and suites from the day the hotel is officially opened.

Previous clients in the UK and around the world have used our visualisation and animation at every stage of their hotel development, from proposal to completion.

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