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Here at Virtual Resolution we specialise in creating photomontages and verified view imagery to provide certainty and accuracy during the planning process.

A photomontage is a visualisation that combines computer generated (CG) content onto a base photograph to create a seamless image, with the aim of accurately demonstrating the visual impact of a proposed building for planning purposes. Photomontages are typically used for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) and can also be used in the production of marketing visuals.

When creating photomontages for planning purposes, photographs are usually taken from pre-defined viewpoints and then camera matched virtually.  The CG content is then combined with the photograph to create the finished image.  These photomontages are very important in the planning process and are often a key factor in successful planning applications. We work closely with clients to ensure all photomontages are delivered accurately and within the agreed timeframes.

Verified View Montages (VVM) are specialist photomontages that offer a high level of verifiable accuracy and are used to support planning applications to help assess the visual impact of a proposed development. The images are supported by a methodology document which describes how the images were created. They are often requested by a local planning authority (LPA) for particularly large or tall developments or contextually sensitive projects that need to be able to stand up to high levels of scrutiny during the planning process.

Although the outcome of a verified view can appear visually similar to a photomontage, the main difference is in the verifiable visual accuracy of the image. Being able to quantify visual accuracy, verified views are more commonly becoming a requirement for many large-scale planning applications to consider scale and magnitude of a proposal’s size, shape and design. Verified images can aid the planning process and identify key issues early in the design process that can ultimately save money further down the construction phase.

Our photomontages show exterior viewpoints of a proposed development, building or street scene provide an artist’s impression of how that completed development will sit within its environment.

Verified view imagery takes this a step further. By using professional photography techniques and on-site survey data, we can depict a development within its proposed environment with extreme accuracy. This kind of imagery is often essential for final stage planning submission.

At Virtual Resolution we are fully qualified in the production of VVI and can offer a complete range of professional services in the production of verified view montages for planning application.