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Virtual Tour

Virtual tours give users complete control over the whole viewing process.

Using a series of images that slightly overlap so they can be stitched together, it is possible to create an interactive presentation that far exceeds the capabilities of standard photography, becoming truly immersive.

This technology can bring a property or project to life and give potential clients a real feel for their environment.  Each tour is perfect for displaying on desktops and mobile devices so, no matter what platform it is being viewed on, it will replay smoothly. 

We create virtual tours of existing exterior and interior schemes using the latest 360 photographic panoramic equipment. Similar to Google Street View, 360 photos can be taken within a building or of its exterior and surroundings to create a virtual tour that can be explored by the user. As well as 360 photographs of existing situations, a similar method can be used to create virtual tours from our CGIs which can be seamlessly merged with an existing environment to provide existing and proposed comparisons that can be panned across in 360 degrees. Additionally, we can create these as 360 videos and animations which can either be static or follow a pre-determined path.

Photographic Virtual Tours allow the user to navigate around a photographed environment with 360° rotation of specified locations within that environment.  Users can navigate from point to point creating a similar experience to Google Street View.  Applications for this can be most commonly found in the tourism industry but there is huge potential in other industries and for the marketing of complete property and site development schemes.

CGI Virtual Tours are similar to photographic virtual tours and allow a user to navigate an environment in the same way but purely in a virtual space.  However, unlike Virtual Reality which allows the user to navigate freely, CGI virtual tours are more linear in fashion and only allow exploration of an environment from specified points.  Traditional applications include virtual tours of proposed spaces and concepts. They can, however, be combined with traditional photographed tours to create a before and after visualisation of renovated spaces.

360 Video/Animation is a particularly engaging and immersive type of video or animation content which has become more popular in recent months with the likes of Facebook and YouTube. The videos are recorded in all directions giving a complete 360-degree view. While watching these videos, viewers are able to control not only the viewing direction, but also the perspective. Users are right in the heart of the action, experiencing a natural and engaging view that surpasses anything that has previously been possible with traditional photographic techniques.  

The technology itself originated in 1995 after the Immersive Media Company put a 360-panorama camera in the middle of a basketball court.  Inspired by the multifaceted bug eyes found in nature, the technology has now been picked up by the likes of Google Street View and has started to be used in industries like security.

Here at Virtual Resolution, we are always keen to develop new applications for technology to create more dynamic content for our clients.  Whether it be a virtual reality tour of a proposed building or an augmented reality application to demonstrate a new product, Virtual Resolution offers a full range of professional services.