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Aberdeen Football Club

Scotland, UK

Aberdeen Football Club is proposing to build a new £50 million stadium and training facility at Kingsford, near Westhill. The 20,000-seat capacity stadium would replace the Pittodrie Stadium and provide a new home for the Dons. The plans include new community and sports facilities as well as a football academy, and would provide a base for the expansion of the Aberdeen FC Community Trust. The work of the Trust focuses on social inclusion, sports participation and healthy lifestyles for all ages across the region.

Virtual Resolution has been working with Aberdeen FC on supporting material for the planning application, producing computed generated images (CGIs) and an animation to create a visual representation of the plans. Providing detailed and accurate imagery helps bring the scheme to life and gives planners a realistic picture of the project.

In this case, Virtual Resolution has developed an overview animation of the plans including CGI imagery of the community and sports facilities, outdoor pitches, pavilion, stadium, associated access roads, parking and landscaping.

Our team of skilled creative artists worked closely with the Dons' vice chairman and their architects to develop the animation in order to assist with this planning application and to capture a realistic picture of the scheme. An informative video was also created which allows viewers to understand the problems with the current stadium and their need for a new, more up-to-date facility.

The role of CGI in the construction industry is becoming increasingly important as it provides a detailed and accurate view of drawings. Over the years, we have worked with many clients to assist with the visualisation of their development. Our mix of architectural, technical, interior and graphic skills means we are uniquely placed to lift a drawing off a page and make it become believable and real.