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Debenhams Flagship Store

Oxford Street, London

Virtual Resolution has worked on a number of key landmark retail developments both nationally and internationally including the re-design of the flagship Debenhams store on Oxford Street in London. 

We were commissioned to complete a number of CGIs along with a detailed planning animation to showcase the proposed refurbishment.  

The scheme was exciting because it featured the very first Ned Kahn kinetic façade installation in the UK. We produced a series of detailed animations to showcase the planned refurbishment of the store and communicate the full visual impact of the innovative design proposals to stakeholders and the unique movement of the façade that characterises Kahn’s work.

Our visualisations were crucial in helping the designers and developers to communicate their vision for the store to stakeholders and planners. 

We were also involved in creating planning animations. In such a key location on one of London's busiest shopping streets, the planning department was keen to understand exactly what the impact of the re-design would be on pedestrians, traffic and neighbouring stores. Our animations allowed them to visualise every stage of the development process before work began. 

Not only is this useful in reassuring planners and investors, it also demonstrates the thought and care that has gone into the design stage. Any issues raised can be dealt with in advance and ways can be found to overcome concerns before construction gets underway. 

CGIs and architectural visualisations have become an essential part of the pre-planning process, particularly for schemes like this which are in a busy city centre location. 

Thanks to our innovative approach to CGI the planners were able to experience the full visual impact of the completed project and understand how the unique Kahn façade would enhance the high street in one of the UK's prime shopping areas.