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Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

KBB Sector

Virtual Resolution has a dedicated team working on 3D visualisation for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom (KBB) industry.

As one of the largest 3D visualisation firms, we work with numerous KBB clients to build interactive experiences for their customers. Our background in commercial CGI means our work is technically accurate and detailed, giving unrivalled results for clients.

CGI can help to bring interior design ideas to life and allow customers to try different combinations of styles and colours.

Our use of CGI enables customers to see rooms from any angle, as well as delivering the right lighting, colour scheme and layout so they can fully appreciate the designs and products on offer. It’s simple to adapt and amend the design to make final tweaks before ordering.

We’re seeing a significant growth in demand from KBB companies, the home interiors retail sector and interior designers who want to showcase their products and designs to best effect. With customers often spending thousands of pounds on a kitchen, the design needs to be right – it has to last them for years to get the best value possible.

CGI helps designers and retailers to tell a story visually and this makes it a powerful tool in interior design and marketing. It brings your plans to life for your customer and enables them to see for the first time how their completed project will look. Using 3D visualisation, you can demonstrate how a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom will look from all perspectives, reassuring the customer that their investment with you will achieve the results they want.

Among our clients is Trade Mouldings, a UK interiors retailer specialising in kitchen design. Our support has enabled them to create kitchen layouts, with enough detail to incorporate everything from cupboards and white goods to handles and tiles.